adventures in silkscreen...


Determined to live up to words from my last post, 'summertime is the best time to explore your creativity', I decided to explore the possibilities of silkscreen this summer.

The downside was an extraordinary amount of time spent in the basement; exposing screens, pulling prints and generally mucking about experimenting with different techniques, blowing it completely, and slowly padding my growing learning curve.

The upside? well, I'm generally not a process person. If I can't see results as I work (and I can thank the computer for this), I tend to loose patience quickly. I had much to learn, much more that I expected, but my patience grew as I slowed down and got into the rhythm of the process. I've yet to evolve completely and leave 'results' on the back shelf in favour of the journey, but I do have a newly gained respect, a growing affection in fact, for an unfamiliar craft, and a whack of hand-printed tea towels for this fall's Studio Tour

The 2013 Uxbridge Studio Tour runs from Sept. 14-15, 10am-6pm. Drop by my garage/studio to say hello, grab a map, and spend the day exploring the work of some incredibly talented artists.