Iceland, rocks!

I've just returned from a trip to Iceland, and my head is still in the clouds...

I knew little about the place before setting off, with the exception of a few viking tales and the music of Björk. What I discovered was a place of breathtaking beauty, and people of exceptional kindness and generosity. We rarely hear from Iceland, and until it's banking crisis and a huge volcanic eruption made the news, that may still have been the case for most of us. 

Travelling with two dear friends, we explored glaciers and mountains, waterfalls and caves together; saw public art, galleries, museums and architecture that rival countries ten times it's size; enjoyed some of the best food we've ever eaten; luxuriated in thermal pools, and discovered lava fields on Icelandic horseback. To say we felt spoiled by our experience would be an understatement!




Reykjavik hums with a creative intensity. Even it's street art transcends the desructive stereotype, and joins forces with the public art that abounds.



Like peaking through a fisherman's net, the view from The Reykjavik Opera House connects the city and sea.