Sweet Dreams...


One of the things I enjoy most about my Etsy shop is the occasional brief glimpse into the lives (and homes) of my customers.

Some are expectant mums, some are new parents, but the one thing they all share is a delight in creating imaginative spaces for their children to enjoy.

Casey Tremewan of North Carolina is no exception, and with days to go before the birth of her new baby, she took the time to share photos her beautiful new nursery with me. Inspired by a print she purchased, Whale Has a Friend, Casey referenced the piece as a jumping-off point for her baby's new room.

This was truly a family effort, with Casey sewing the curtains & crib bumper, and her mother creating the delightful whale mobile. A multi-striped graphic (painted by mum and dad) encircles the room, echos in the fabrics and accessories, and gives the space a bright, contemporary, nautical feel. What a fun space, and a sophisticated look with room to grow.

Thank you for sharing your inspiration Casey!

photos: courtesy of Casey Tremewan