hurray for infographics!

What can I say, some things just get me kinda jazzed...and infographics are one of those things.

They can be a perfect opportunity for a unique type of storytelling, creating a narrative that combines both design & illustration.

The last couple of issues of Reader's Digest (Canada) have been a joy to work on, with Art Director Annelise Dekker. Together we've explored each assignment thru the visual solution of an infographic. The first piece deals with brain exercise, keeping the mind nimble with daily challenges like learning a new language. The second piece illustrates the increase in prescription drug abuse.

This is a new approach for me, and I'm loving it...more infographics please...!


Working with Gayle Akler of Sparkplug Marketing & Communications, I was recently commissioned to create an illustration to showcase the Life Sciences startup Scintelligence, whose purpose is to "work directly with industry, academia and other key stakeholders to bring prospective partners together...".

The concept was all about growth and digging deeper, so with that, I set off to combine natural elements and scientific iconography to convey the message. The elaborate promotional package housed an actual shovel (with a sprinkling of dirt no less!)