hurray for infographics!

What can I say, some things just get me kinda jazzed...and infographics are one of those things.

They can be a perfect opportunity for a unique type of storytelling, creating a narrative that combines both design & illustration.

The last couple of issues of Reader's Digest (Canada) have been a joy to work on, with Art Director Annelise Dekker. Together we've explored each assignment thru the visual solution of an infographic. The first piece deals with brain exercise, keeping the mind nimble with daily challenges like learning a new language. The second piece illustrates the increase in prescription drug abuse.

This is a new approach for me, and I'm loving it...more infographics please...!

Sweet Dreams...


One of the things I enjoy most about my Etsy shop is the occasional brief glimpse into the lives (and homes) of my customers.

Some are expectant mums, some are new parents, but the one thing they all share is a delight in creating imaginative spaces for their children to enjoy.

Casey Tremewan of North Carolina is no exception, and with days to go before the birth of her new baby, she took the time to share photos her beautiful new nursery with me. Inspired by a print she purchased, Whale Has a Friend, Casey referenced the piece as a jumping-off point for her baby's new room.

This was truly a family effort, with Casey sewing the curtains & crib bumper, and her mother creating the delightful whale mobile. A multi-striped graphic (painted by mum and dad) encircles the room, echos in the fabrics and accessories, and gives the space a bright, contemporary, nautical feel. What a fun space, and a sophisticated look with room to grow.

Thank you for sharing your inspiration Casey!

photos: courtesy of Casey Tremewan

painting in circles...

Sometimes, it's nice to just turn off the computer for a few days, get the brushes out, and lose myself in a painting. Uninterrupted time is precious, and the absolute pleasure that comes with it reminds me to make room for this more often. 

I've been watching some really moving dance performances of Stravinsky's 'Rite of Spring' recently, and I found it creeping into this piece as I considered cycles, rebirth, ritual...

My piece can be viewed at the Nook Holiday Show december 6-7, as 50 illustrators gather under one roof to share their recent work.

Handmade in Uxbridge

It's looks as though we're now an annual event!

HANDMADE IN UXBRIDGE is back, and just in time for the holidays. We've gathered together some of Uxbridge's top artistic talent, all under one roof, for this once a year event.

Our exciting line up of artists includes PAINTERS, PHOTOGRAPHERS, CERAMIC ARTISTS, JEWELLERS, TEXTILE ARTISTS, FURNITURE MAKERS, GILDERS & SCULPTORS... one-of-a-kind artwork, and unique gifts.

Shopping locally this year? we've something for everyone on your list!

Join us for our opening event, December 14th, from 2-6pm.

The show runs daily 10-6pm from December 14th-22nd, at the Blue Heron Studio, 62 Brock St.W in Uxbridge.

For regular updates, directions, and a peek at the what we're making, just visit our FB page...

The NOOK Holiday Show & Sale


The NOOK holiday show and sale returns, and this year it's a two-in-one event!

The main floor features the Sock It Too 'Em Sale, celebrating some of the beautiful objects that illustrators in our community are making. Upstairs is a group show featuring original artwork from some of Canada's top illustrators.

Our event kicks off with a fun opening night, Friday, Dec.6th at 7pm.

The show runs from friday december 6th- 7 to midnight, to saturday december 7th- 11am-6pm.

Work will be available to view after these dates by appointment only, until just after New Year's Eve.

Global Brief


Like so many illustrators, I have a little wish list of clients, designers and art directors that I hope to one day work with. Louis Fishauf, one of Canada's most respected graphic artists & designers, has long been on that list.

An assignment came my way recently for Global Brief, a top-tier international affairs magazine, and with that, a chance to work with Louis. My resulting illustration accompanies a piece on Canada's potential role as an influence for change in international decision-making.

Yep, I'll be adding this one to my list of significant experiences, and collaborations... and as well, moving Louis' name from 'wish list' to 'favourite client' list.



Working with Gayle Akler of Sparkplug Marketing & Communications, I was recently commissioned to create an illustration to showcase the Life Sciences startup Scintelligence, whose purpose is to "work directly with industry, academia and other key stakeholders to bring prospective partners together...".

The concept was all about growth and digging deeper, so with that, I set off to combine natural elements and scientific iconography to convey the message. The elaborate promotional package housed an actual shovel (with a sprinkling of dirt no less!) 

fall inspires...


A few crisp days in a row, and there's no mistaking that fall is in the air...

I've been working on a few cosy new patterns that capture the spirit of the season... this design, entitled 'cabin', simultaneously captures something quite notalgic, and modern, in it's simplicity.

Dishware, duvet cover, hmm....

adventures in silkscreen...


Determined to live up to words from my last post, 'summertime is the best time to explore your creativity', I decided to explore the possibilities of silkscreen this summer.

The downside was an extraordinary amount of time spent in the basement; exposing screens, pulling prints and generally mucking about experimenting with different techniques, blowing it completely, and slowly padding my growing learning curve.

The upside? well, I'm generally not a process person. If I can't see results as I work (and I can thank the computer for this), I tend to loose patience quickly. I had much to learn, much more that I expected, but my patience grew as I slowed down and got into the rhythm of the process. I've yet to evolve completely and leave 'results' on the back shelf in favour of the journey, but I do have a newly gained respect, a growing affection in fact, for an unfamiliar craft, and a whack of hand-printed tea towels for this fall's Studio Tour

The 2013 Uxbridge Studio Tour runs from Sept. 14-15, 10am-6pm. Drop by my garage/studio to say hello, grab a map, and spend the day exploring the work of some incredibly talented artists.


A Sketchbook for the Varley

 Summertime is the best time to explore your creativity, especially if you are a kid.

Cheryl Rego of the Varley Gallery in Markham approached me recently to design & illustrate a sketchbook for their summer art camps. Each child enrolled receives their very own book to record their thoughts, ideas and creativity... all in one fun place!

And why stop at one? we decided to run a couple of different colour choices for these budding young artists...

Bloom Within


Perhaps a little known fact... from time to time I love to dive into a nice small design project. Identities and logos are definitly a favourite, so, when Amy Jefferies approached me to design the look for her new business "Bloom Within" I was happy to collaborate.

Amy is a gentle, patient, compassionate spirit, and works very closely with her clients as a health coach, doula, and homeopath. As we chatted about her plans, it became clear that it was important to her to capture something quite personal in the image of her new business... "Something with a hand-made feel, spirals would be nice, and, oh yes, I love the colour blue" was my direction. So with this (and fortified with several cups of tea) we were on our way.

Amy is excited to have just launched Bloom Within, located in Uxbridge, ON. Our community welcomes her expertise, and wishes her much success!


logo/identity design: Tracy Walker

website design: Caitlin Christoff/ Take Root Creative

mr. fox on etsy!

Sweet or sly, you decide (though I'm personally leaning towards sweet). Mr. Fox is the latest addition to my little shop on Etsy.

Surtex & NYC

A burst of colour at Purl in Soho. I am inspired to pick up my knitting again.


 The i2iArt booth at the Surtex Show! so proudly displaying our plates and pillows... 36 lucky winners will receive a special package containing one of our designs.


 A little break for some retail therapy, and a visit to Orla Keily's shop in Soho. Loved this adorable camper, all kitted out in Orla's signature patterns.


 Paper lanterns float overhead at the ICFF International Contemporary Furniture Fair.


 The Highline was at the top of my 'must see' list for New York... this one mile section of the former elevated New York Central Railway has been redesigned and planted as an aerial greenway.