The Second Wedge Brewing Company

Ontario has a new craft brewery...The Second Wedge Brewing Company!

Located beside the historic railway station in downtown Uxbridge Ontario, The Wedge has enjoyed a very successful launch and first summer season. With live music, a tasting room, bottle shop and partnerships with restaurants and bars, the brewery has been embraced by the local community and beyond.

It was a real thrill to collaborate with brewery owners Rob & Joanne, and Russell Gibbs Design to create visuals for their packaging.

Illustration: Tracy Walker |  Branding & Design: Russell Gibbs Design

For the Love of Bees

Over the chilly winter months I did a little reading up on our friends the bees, and turned that fascination into a series of info-logos that celebrate the hive. Facts & figures were developed into a fun collaboration with local beekeeper Chris Campbell of Hiveshare. For detailed posts check out my Instagram feed @tracywalkerart .

This summer I'll be enjoying my own honey, thanks to Hiveshare. Local, unpasteurized, artisanal honey at it's best from local fields & wildflowers...yum!

Live Happy Magazine

Play is the Thing! I couldn't help but have a little fun with this assignment for Live Happy Magazine---the value of play as a part of the everyday. From gaming to hoops in the office, it's not just for kids anymore!

Notre Dame Magazine

'A Canticle for Planet earth'...the Pope's message on environmental issues echoes the teachings of St. Francis. Illustration for Notre Dame Magazine.

Bridges To Health

New work for Penn Gazette, for an article entitled 'Bridges to Health'. Thanks to the Penn-based program Puentes de Salud, low-cost healthcare and services are now available to uninsured Philadelphia immigrant populations, many of whom are Latino. It was this connection that I wanted to celebrate in the art by bringing in the graphic, folk-art feel of Latin American embroidery.

Imperial College London

I've just wrapped up a really fun project for Imperial College London. Each year Imperial holds an alumni event for graduates and their families. My job was to create a design for a t-shirt, and several shadow puppets to be laser-cut. All this as part of a fantastic loot bag for the kids, complete with a flashlight, for this year's theme 'the year of light'!


With spring on the way, it's got me thinking about the cherry blossom festivals, or 'Hanami', that take place in Japan and around the world. What better way to emerge from winter than with some research into the topic, and a brand new illustrated map of Japan's most popular spots to celebrate the spring bloom.

a month of paper-cutting...

During the month of December, I immersed myself in a little papercutting.

It was heaven to focus and explore a single medium for a few weeks.

The result was several new shadowbox sculptures, some are pictured here, a brief show, and brisk sales with the majority going home tucked under the arms of some wonderful folks.