With spring on the way, it's got me thinking about the cherry blossom festivals, or 'Hanami', that take place in Japan and around the world. What better way to emerge from winter than with some research into the topic, and a brand new illustrated map of Japan's most popular spots to celebrate the spring bloom.

hurray for infographics!

What can I say, some things just get me kinda jazzed...and infographics are one of those things.

They can be a perfect opportunity for a unique type of storytelling, creating a narrative that combines both design & illustration.

The last couple of issues of Reader's Digest (Canada) have been a joy to work on, with Art Director Annelise Dekker. Together we've explored each assignment thru the visual solution of an infographic. The first piece deals with brain exercise, keeping the mind nimble with daily challenges like learning a new language. The second piece illustrates the increase in prescription drug abuse.

This is a new approach for me, and I'm loving it...more infographics please...!

A Sketchbook for the Varley

 Summertime is the best time to explore your creativity, especially if you are a kid.

Cheryl Rego of the Varley Gallery in Markham approached me recently to design & illustrate a sketchbook for their summer art camps. Each child enrolled receives their very own book to record their thoughts, ideas and creativity... all in one fun place!

And why stop at one? we decided to run a couple of different colour choices for these budding young artists...

Bloom Within


Perhaps a little known fact... from time to time I love to dive into a nice small design project. Identities and logos are definitly a favourite, so, when Amy Jefferies approached me to design the look for her new business "Bloom Within" I was happy to collaborate.

Amy is a gentle, patient, compassionate spirit, and works very closely with her clients as a health coach, doula, and homeopath. As we chatted about her plans, it became clear that it was important to her to capture something quite personal in the image of her new business... "Something with a hand-made feel, spirals would be nice, and, oh yes, I love the colour blue" was my direction. So with this (and fortified with several cups of tea) we were on our way.

Amy is excited to have just launched Bloom Within, located in Uxbridge, ON. Our community welcomes her expertise, and wishes her much success!


logo/identity design: Tracy Walker

website design: Caitlin Christoff/ Take Root Creative