For the Love of Bees

Over the chilly winter months I did a little reading up on our friends the bees, and turned that fascination into a series of info-logos that celebrate the hive. Facts & figures were developed into a fun collaboration with local beekeeper Chris Campbell of Hiveshare. For detailed posts check out my Instagram feed @tracywalkerart .

This summer I'll be enjoying my own honey, thanks to Hiveshare. Local, unpasteurized, artisanal honey at it's best from local fields & wildflowers...yum!

Bloom Within


Perhaps a little known fact... from time to time I love to dive into a nice small design project. Identities and logos are definitly a favourite, so, when Amy Jefferies approached me to design the look for her new business "Bloom Within" I was happy to collaborate.

Amy is a gentle, patient, compassionate spirit, and works very closely with her clients as a health coach, doula, and homeopath. As we chatted about her plans, it became clear that it was important to her to capture something quite personal in the image of her new business... "Something with a hand-made feel, spirals would be nice, and, oh yes, I love the colour blue" was my direction. So with this (and fortified with several cups of tea) we were on our way.

Amy is excited to have just launched Bloom Within, located in Uxbridge, ON. Our community welcomes her expertise, and wishes her much success!


logo/identity design: Tracy Walker

website design: Caitlin Christoff/ Take Root Creative