For the Love of Bees

Over the chilly winter months I did a little reading up on our friends the bees, and turned that fascination into a series of info-logos that celebrate the hive. Facts & figures were developed into a fun collaboration with local beekeeper Chris Campbell of Hiveshare. For detailed posts check out my Instagram feed @tracywalkerart .

This summer I'll be enjoying my own honey, thanks to Hiveshare. Local, unpasteurized, artisanal honey at it's best from local fields & wildflowers...yum!

mouche couture

The talents of Fly Freeman abound. As well as working as a stone mason, sculptor and lettercarver, she also creates beautiful jewellery under the name "Mouche Couture" (sweetly named, the french 'mouche' translates to 'fly' in english). 

When Fly asked me to create an identity for her work I jumped at the chance. Her jewellery often combines fabric and stitching, so that, combined with her unique name, seemed an obvious starting point for a playful visual pun.

Coming soon, Mouche Couture on Etsy!